1. 135 foot crane with 1500 Amp, 175kW onboard generator and lighting platform
  2. best solution for a camera platform, will accommodate 3 people plus camera
  3. Starlite™  platforms have many amenities; boom tip wind speed indicator, protective weather cover, 120 Volt A/C outlet, heater, fire extinguisher as well as many specialized options such as 6 built-in movable lamp mounting arms, the arms pivot on bearings and have safety anchor points next to lamp pivot point etc.
  4. Most compact footprint with onboard genset, good for tight locations
  5. Starlite platforms rotate 360 at ANY boom angle
  6. Lamp operator from production required
Starlite platforms are cost competitive with large condors, compare the costs:
  1. Large condor  daily rental  $1,250.00 - $1,550.00
  2. Pick-up & delivery fee via lowbed truck $300.00 each way
  3. Totals $1,850.00 - $2,150.00 (including p/u & delivery)
  1. Starlite platform 135’ with 1500 amp. w/genset $1,195.00 , w/o $1,095.00
  2. Crane operator $35.00 per hr.
  3. Total rental price includes travel                                  
  1. Lighting Cranes (Platform)
    - Starlite platforms, with their protective envelopes, keep the lights and the weather outside the basket separated from the lamp operator by an enclosure which is zippered shut.
Platform crane with 6x HPL 12 lights
“Reindeer Games”
135’ w/2x 36 “Dinos”
3x 24 light Dinos
Acknowledged as the heavy lift solution, platform cranes are even better with small loads such as 2 x 18k and can outperform any z-boom’s height and radius specifications.
Starlite's top-hung baskets have no restrictions. Our baskets can take full capacity on any side of the basket, while condors are limited to full rated unrestricted capacity only when lamps are mounted to the backboard, lamps mounted in any other positions on the basket call for de-rating of load capacity according to the manufacturers specifications . In addition, the jib equipped condors revert to 500 lbs rating if the jib is turned off centre.